About Us


Gillian Levi
Owner, CEO

Support for the Delivery of

Quality Construction Projects

Odigo Services LLC was established to provide high quality construction management and project administration services to construction contractors. With over 20 years of experience working within all facets of the industry, we have the capability and expertise to provide services for diverse construction projects.

Odigo's Virtual Assistants help our clients with the management and administration of their projects. We help general contractors, subcontractors and construction business owners reduce project risk, increase productivity, reduce expenses, and ​free up valuable time.    


At Odigo, we offer cost-effective solutions designed to reduce over-head costs for our clients and alleviate the administrative burden on the project management team.

Whether you need assistance with a one-off task, a short term project or need assistance on a long term project, we have you covered. 


"To alleviate the project management and administrative burden on
construction contractors by providing solutions that are
efficient, cost effective, professional, compliant and responsive the client needs."


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