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We understand that the lack of project coordination and construction administration can significantly impact schedule, budget & profits.

Construction Management

Are you a small construction contractor with an awarded contract in need of assistance managing your project schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope,? 


Are your project managers overworked? Our project coordinators can handle administrative tasks for the project manager and team members to keep the project running smoothly. 


Subcontractor Management

Prime contractors, are your  subcontractors ready to successfully perform on project teams? Subcontractors are you more comfortable performing the work but having trouble submitting paperwork? 

Documentation Support

Are you not bidding on work because the process and paperwork seem overwhelming? No time to read contract documents when bidding or project planning? 

Improving Project Efficiency

by Reducing Administrative Burden


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Odigo's Virtual Assistants help our clients with the management and administration of their projects. We help general contractors, subcontractors and construction business owners reduce project risk, increase productivity, reduce expenses, and ​free up valuable time.  

Benefits of Virtual Construction Assistants

Reduce Overhead

Virtual Assistants save you the cost of a full-time employee – without the headaches of insurance, retirement, office & equipment costs, &  unemployment.

Industry Specialists

Unlike other virtual assistants who support a variety of industries, our VA's have prior experience or education in the construction industry. They are familiar with, regulations, requirements and procedures in the industry. 

Efficiency & Quality

Promotes a better quality output and a more productive workflow. Ensuring that micro-level tasks are supported to execute high impact projects.

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